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Conenor Ltd is a private management owned engineering company (SME) developing its innovative extrusion equipment and processes as well as their product applications.

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               CIRCULAR MATERIALS ECONOMY                 WITH extruded composites 

               Recycling plastics is not a problem but solution to recycle other non-recyclable waste materials into composites !                Find out how to build houses, terraces, fences, pathways, duckboards etc. from waste and recycled materials without CO2 emissions from the cement industry and without cutting down a single tree nor drilling a liter of crude oil !

100% recyclable non-toxic products from recycled materials !

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             Conenor CONEX®-extruder manufacturing partner Maillefer combines with Davis-Standard

                                Artikkeli Conenor Oyn toiminnasta Orimattilan Sanomissa 29.9.2017

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