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Conenor Ltd is a private management owned engineering company (SME) developing its innovative extrusion equipment and processes as well as their product applications.

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Company History

Inventor Kari Kirjavainen

Inventor Kari Kirjavainen

Conenor history goes back to late 1980's when a Finnish inventor Kari Kirjavainen made one of his technical inventions; the conical extruder, an entirely new and different rotory extrusion technology to extend the limits of conventional screw extruders. 

In 1995 he started company Conenor Ltd together with Uponor Group for managing the industrial developments of CONEX with help of Maillefer Extrusions in two parallel Tekes co-financed projects, one for pipe application and the other for cable coating, at the premises of VTT at the city of Tampere.  He is nowadays retired from the company operations.

Besides of CONEX, a plastic film orientation technique and unique transverse direction stretcher (TDO) named TRIAXCELL have been invented and developed by Conenor. The company has divested this technology and focused since exclusively in extruded composites.

milestones in the company history

Images of first prototypes....

Images of first prototypes....

...second version from early 1990'

...second version from early 1990'

  • 1989; The Invention & 1st CONEX patent application, followed by prototyping by K. Kirjavainen at VTT and financed by Kehitysrahasto

  • 1991-1995; R&D at VTT with industrial partners and co-financed by Tekes

  • 1995; Conenor Ltd founded by Uponor Oyj and K. Kirjavainen, Maillefer formalized as exclusive extruder manufacturing partner

  • 1995-1999; Industrial development of CONEX for plastic pipe (Uponor) and cable coating (NK Cables) as exclusive licensees

  • 2001; Uponor owned Conenor shares acquired by M. Vilkki thru MBO and start-up of Conex Wood Extruder (CWE) development for WPCs

  • 2003; Maillefer joins CONEX CWE-development with Conenor

  • 2005; Creation of Conex Skill Center at Maillefer, Vantaa, Finland

  • 2007; Commercialization of CONEX CWE-technique for WPCs

  • 2013; Re-location of Conex Skill Center at Orimattila

  • 2015; Celebration of company 20 year anniversary

  • 2017; Development of circular composite materials from FRP-waste

Photo by Cynthia Lou