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Conenor Ltd is a private management owned engineering company (SME) developing its innovative extrusion equipment and processes as well as their product applications.

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Company Profile

Conenor Ltd is a private management owned engineering company performing outsourced R&D and new business start-up activities in client projects and public projects in the area of extruded composites:   formulation development - sampling for testing - product development & piloting


  • Management driven SME, found in 1995 by Uponor Oyj and inventor Kari Kirjavainen to develope and industrialize its CONEX-extruder technology                                                   
  • Specialized in applied development of natural fibre – plastic composite (NFC/WPC) materials, products, and extrusion processes on economy basis from utilisation of industry, forestry and consumer waste streams 
  • Providing composite extrusion consulting and project management services        
  • Acting on project basis globally    
  • Composite extrusion expert in public financed European R&D projects EU/FP7 "IRCOW" and "OSIRYS" and H2020 "HISER"      
  • Proprietary CONEX-extrusion equipment and lines for trials, sampling and product development in single and multilayer product structures       

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 Markku Vilkki, CEO

 Markku Vilkki, CEO


Markku Vilkki (M.Sc.Eng.)


email: markku.vilkki(at)



Teuvo Arpiainen (B.Sc.Eng.)

Technical Manager

email: teuvo.arpiainen(at)


Photo by Ken Funakoshi